Chillin with my boo @htherette #rooftop #poolside #chillin

I have to pull a heather move @htherette and keep the shades on for the freeway shenanigans.

The Mayor of Compton Aja Brown came out to the Shiekh Compton Community Center to hangout with the kids today. 👌 @shiekhwomen @shiekhshoes

In the backseat of @devin_tn vehicle trying not to throw up. #craydriver headed to a meeting with 99.1

Creative meeting at the penthouse loft with these great ladies #art #sandone @sandoner @htherette

Good Morning World!

Happy Friday!! ✌️ @htherette

@shiekhwomen @shiekhshoes #photoshoot #tbt #twoweeksago @htherette

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Good Morning @htherette